Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm Baaaaaack

Yes it's true.  I am back to the world of blogging and losing weight.
How pathetic that it's been nearly 2 years! Can't believe it.  
And guess what? I have put on weight. That's the pathetic part.  When I was doing the 12wbt last time I got down to 88kg and now I weigh 98kg.  
I have had some major issues emotionally that I have had to deal with and I have just given up.  I start a new "diet" and then fail again and put on even more weight.  And so here I am, now starting at nearly 100kg.  I never want to be over 100kg so I have to do start now.

This is my most current photo.  I don't seem to have any full length shots (probably because I am avoiding them lol).  But you can see how cubby my face has become.  
It makes me so sad that I am at my biggest I have ever been. 
I really need to snap out of this depressive state, and to help me do that I need to take control of my health and fitness again.  

So this is why I have decided to join Michelle Bridges 12wbt again.  I have been wanting to for a long time but didn't think I was ready and it would just go to waste again.  But as Michelle says, NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! This time I am determined.  I finally joined up last night.  Nearly exactly 2 years after the first time I joined. And the round starts on my birthday, Monday 4th August.  I thought that must be telling me something.  It's my birthday present to myself.  To get fit and healthy with the help of Michelle Bridges and the 12wbt community, plus the MFP (my fitness pal) community too.

At the end of the 12 weeks I will post up another photo of my face to compare.  This is my promise to you.

Wish me luck xx

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