Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm Baaaaaack

Yes it's true.  I am back to the world of blogging and losing weight.
How pathetic that it's been nearly 2 years! Can't believe it.  
And guess what? I have put on weight. That's the pathetic part.  When I was doing the 12wbt last time I got down to 88kg and now I weigh 98kg.  
I have had some major issues emotionally that I have had to deal with and I have just given up.  I start a new "diet" and then fail again and put on even more weight.  And so here I am, now starting at nearly 100kg.  I never want to be over 100kg so I have to do start now.

This is my most current photo.  I don't seem to have any full length shots (probably because I am avoiding them lol).  But you can see how cubby my face has become.  
It makes me so sad that I am at my biggest I have ever been. 
I really need to snap out of this depressive state, and to help me do that I need to take control of my health and fitness again.  

So this is why I have decided to join Michelle Bridges 12wbt again.  I have been wanting to for a long time but didn't think I was ready and it would just go to waste again.  But as Michelle says, NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! This time I am determined.  I finally joined up last night.  Nearly exactly 2 years after the first time I joined. And the round starts on my birthday, Monday 4th August.  I thought that must be telling me something.  It's my birthday present to myself.  To get fit and healthy with the help of Michelle Bridges and the 12wbt community, plus the MFP (my fitness pal) community too.

At the end of the 12 weeks I will post up another photo of my face to compare.  This is my promise to you.

Wish me luck xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Weigh in Wednesday - Week 3

600grams down!!!! Wish it was over a kilo but am happy it was a loss :)
I must say though I am feeling so much better, I am feeling thinner and more toned. I can't wait to take photos at the end of the 12 weeks to compare. Although I don't think I've noticed too much with my clothes yet. It's more people are commenting that my stomach is shrinking, I'm looking less and less like I'm pregnant!!! I never did really get rid of that pregnant look after I had my son 4.5 years ago.

I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in December and a couple weeks before that in November is the hens night. We are going to some really nice club place but apparently it's really quite formal. So I'm actually really looking forward to being able to dress up for a change. So I was going through my wardrobe last night to see if I had anything decent and I tried on a dress I actually haven't been able to wear yet coz I haven't had the opportunity. I put it on and I couldn't stop looking in the mirror lol!! My arms are starting to look not bad and less just fat lumps. There's actually some definition there now.

Anyway, thought I would quickly update my stats, now I'm off to ZUMBA!!!!!! :-D

⬇ this is the photo of the dress I'm thinking about wearing to the hens.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thousand Steps

I have just finished the Kokoda Trail - The Thousand Steps in the Dandenong Ranges. I did it also just over a week ago but I didn't quite finish it because I ran out of time as I was catching up with a friend.

It feels so good to have completed it today. 1 hour and 20 minutes and 795 calories. Already I'm feeling I'm getting more fit. I still struggle a bit going up, I still had to stop a couple of times but I'm not stopping for long, mainly just to let the fast people go past me then I'm usually back into it. My aim is to be able to go up there without stopping at all and maybe even do it a couple or few times. I was happy though because on the way down when it gets to the flat bit again I pretty much ran the whole way, I was even passing everyone else and felt so good like I had so much energy.

I thought I'd quickly put up this post about it and to show a few photos I took. Let's see what I can achieve by the end of the 12 weeks!!!

2 weeks down 10 to go - for this round :)

Wow another week has finished and we are about to begin week 3!!!

I am feeling quite good and motivated tonight although I can't say that about the week I have had!  It definitely wasn't as good as week 1 but I am still happy with myself because instead of giving up completely and waiting until "Monday" to start again I just refocused that day and continued to try and make better choices.

My problem from the beginning of the week was my lack of planning.  I organised my week so well for week 1 but this last week I ran out of time to do it properly last weekend so it just didn't work out.  Plus i struggled from the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday) because I had my course in the city.  I started off well but then all my old excuses and worries came flooding back and I went off the rail.  My fear is when I am in situations like my course of working and I don't have the freedom to eat whenever I like I worry that I am going to not eat enough and start to feel sick and may even faint.  Silly I know because its not like I'm starving myself but a similar thing has happened to me in the past.  It was when I was doing a job as a camera operator.  I rocked up to the job early afternoon to set up and I was expecting we would get fed before the show started.  But this never happened.  So that evening while I was filming I was communicating to the director, who was side stage of the theater, and I started to feel very faint and I asked him to bring me a drink asap, well shortly after I said that I did in fact pass out in front of the whole audience, very embarrassing .  I was fine, but it was obviously dehydration.  So since then I have always made sure I can eat wherever I'm going or I have a big meal beforehand.

So I wasn't too bad during the day of my course, however I would have gone over my 1200 calories, but I was still relatively ok with my eating.  Until...  Tuesday night came along and I finished my course at 5 in the city and had to rush back, pick up kids and go to calisthenics until 10.30.  ( I think I mentioned this in my wednesday weigh in post)  So again the fear came over me and I didn't want to just have a salad for dinner because I was worried I wouldn't "last" on just something healthy like that, so I went for the only thing I knew (which is terribly bad),  fast food crap (Hungry Jacks to be exact).  And yes I do admit it was sooooo yummy, but at the same time I felt so very guilty and sick at the same time.

But the new me woke up Wednesday morning and started fresh again :) 
That is until Saturday!!!  I was working (filming calisthenics) all day from 8am to 11pm.  I started off well by eating porridge (instead of McDonalds like I normally do on my way to filming) and then for a snack I had sultanas and a banana (instead of chocolate and chips). But then in the afternoon once again I started to have this doubt of being hungry and sleep so I got some food from the bar there.  I felt like calamari and thought it just came with salad but it came with chips and I just couldn't resist.  Naughty me I know.  But I feel I am slowly changing, slowly making better choices and not giving up just because I had one bad meal.

Today I woke up feeling all refreshed and ready to start a new day and I had a great day.  Ate well and took my son on a bike ride and kicked the footy around with him, great bonding time with my son.

So that's another week gone and now I should get some sleep so I'm all refreshed once more and ready to go for another session doing the Thousand Steps in the morning!!!

*Below pictures are a copy of my meal plan and exercise plan.  I know they could be better but already I feel so much more organised than I have ever been thanks to Michelle Bridges :)

My Missing Introduction to the World of Kristy!!!

I realised I haven't really got a proper introduction to me, so I thought I would post one now so you can all get an insight into who I am :)

My name is Kristy. I am 29 years old and a mother of 2 young kids (a boy 4 and girl 2).

I have gone through some hard times the past few years with my messy separation and feeling like my whole world had been turned upside down.  But I feel I am now at the stage of my life where things are slowly looking up and I'm leaving all those hard times behind me and looking towards a happy positive future for not only me but my kids.

I used to be a camera operator and editor in the video production industry (and still do that now occasionally) but decided it wasn't for me anyone and too stressful and too hard always working on the weekends when I am a single mother.
This year I decided to go back to study, something that I have been interested in for many many years, massage.  So I am doing my Diploma in Remedial Massage therapy, am I am loving it (although also quite stressed at the moment as we are coming towards the end and I still have so much to do before our assessment in November).

For me to become a happier, positive person I feel for me I also have to change my lifestyle, to eat better and exercise more.  My heaviest weight was 94kg.  I really want to get back to the weight I was before having kids which was 60kg.  I was always a healthy weight as a child but then when I hit puberty I stacked it all on and discovered my love for bad food and lots of it.  I blew out to 85kg and stayed like that for all my teenage years and I was very unhappy and depressed. (Below - Me in 2000 age 16 and when I was a healthy child on the beach).

When I reached 18 (in 2001) I got out of my dark side and was changing my ways and started eating better and exercising.  I got down to about 65kg and was able to stay there until I got pregnant with my son in 2007.  Since then I have weighed between 85kg and 94kg!!!  (Below - My latest photo)

I have recently met a fantastic guy who is the best thing ever!!! He is being so supportive of my new lifestyle and is helping me in whatever way he can.  I feel very lucky to have met him :)

Doing this blog is going to help keep me on track and motivated, I can't hide and keep coming up with excuses anymore.  I have just started (in August) the Michelle Bridges program 12 Week Body Transformation, and I am loving it.  What I love the most is not only the help with food and exercise but more importantly for me is getting my mind right.  No other diet I have been on has been able to get into my mind and start making me think more clearly and smarter.

No More Excuses, My Time Starts Now!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weigh in Wednesday - week 2

500grams!!! That's how much I lost! I guess I'm happy with that because it is a loss but annoyed it wasn't more. I've lost focus a bit over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. The weekend wasn't too bad and I still kept within my calorie amount as much as I could. I even went for a bit of a walk/run and stair climb up at this waterfall/dam place near Healesville, Victoria. I've posted up some photos below because it was absolutely beautiful.

But my planning and organising turned sour when I ran out of time to cook my dinners Sunday night for at least the Monday and Tuesday. I had my massage course in the city Monday and Tuesday and the 2 days can be quite tiring. I woke up Monday all prepared to be good and mum even agreed to cook a healthy dinner that night. So i started with yummy porridge before i left. But once I arrived in the city over an hour early I started to feel really hungry and not knowing when the next time I'll be able to eat I got worried that I'll get faint and feel sick during the course. So I decided to buy a egg and bacon sandwich. Then for lunch my partner met me so we could eat together (and he is being so supportive about this journey of mine) but my stomach got the better of me and I ended up having a burger (no chips) plus a chocolate milk drink :( I was naughty.

Then come Tuesday and I was much better during the day but then I was stressing what to do for dinner coz I didn't have much time and I needed something quick, easy, filling and that i can eat in the car. My course finished at 5 then I had to drive an hour home pick up the kids go straight to their dads house to drop them off then try and be at calisthenics by 7!! So busy busy busy. I was really wanting to have something healthy but then once again my old habits kicked in and I got a meal from hungry jacks ;(

So I just need to re focus and know that this doesn't have to stop me and this journey. When normally I would tell myself I had a bad couple of days I'll just give up for the rest of the week and start next week!! No more thinking like that. I have gone straight back to eating well and exercising because I do want to change and would love to see a good number on the scales next week!!!! :)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rain, Hail or Shine!

No matter what I am sticking to the Thousand Steps (Victoria) at least once a week. I've done it a couple times before but this is the first time this year and I must say I was quite please with myself at how well I did. I still find it challenging but a bit easier than when I did it last year.

Today was supposed to be very cold and very wet and stormy but after i dropped my kids off at Childcare I decided no matter what I need to stick to doing this no matter what. And surprisingly the sun actually came out and it didn't rain at all the whole time I did it!!!

My goal by the end of the 12 weeks is to be able to complete the steps twice.

Here is another picture of my dinner from last night - Meat Pie with mushy peas. I used normal beef mince instead of kangaroo mince.